Off on my first adventure… getting there!

I’m on a plane to Boston, which normally wouldn’t be that weird, I’ve wanted to travel to Boston for ages, but have never gotten the chance to. But today it’s different. It’s different because this isn’t a normal vacation where in a few days I’ll be on another plane back to Cleveland. This time I’m going away and won’t be coming back for awhile.

I’m moving to Israel for the next 10 months. Looking back on it, it wasn’t hard to make my decision. I knew that I wanted to explore the world, and that I wanted to live abroad. As I wished I would have done in college. But now I know, I wasn’t ready to do this in college. Maybe I would have been ready had I made a plan, booked a flight, and left. Except now looking back I think I was too immature, I wasn’t prepared for what leaving how would be like.

I am so excited for this opportunity even if it means leaving my family and friends. I am excited to meet new people and experience things I ne er have before.

Israel you better get ready because I’m coming soon!


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Talk To The Hamsa

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm documenting the adventures I have being an Israel Teaching Fellow in Beit She'an, Israel and all of the adventures that comes with it!

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