First adventures in Israel

I’ve now been in Israel 6 days and let me tell you how fantastic it is! We went to the Golan Heights for a seminar and spent time with the other MASA Thalim members from Beer Sheva and Netyana. It was great getting to know other people from our trip and spend time as a whole group instead of our little foursome.

I’ve been loving the activities we’ve been doing including: hiking, swimming in a spring, going to Mt. Hermon (when it’s actually supposed to be closed), and did I mention hiking?

In the last 3 days I hiked about 6 miles and loved it! Of course it’s hot but I’m getting use to it already.


Swimming in a spring on the EL AL trail

As a small group those of us from Beit She’an continue to grow close. I’m loving the growing family atmosphere that I think we are starting to have. We can each make fun of each other and joke around without upsetting the other, because we know that if we seclude ourselves it will just make it that much more lonely.

Missed the corn so much I went and found a giant one! 
Mt Hermon roughly 1600 ft up 

Yesterday we went for a 3 mile walk on the El Al trail. It was beautiful seeing small streams and then the beautiful spring. Overall it was a great hike. After that we went to Mt. Hermon which so far has been my favorite. Despite the slightly terrifying ski lift ride. Once at the top, the view was gorgeous.

On top of the WORLD! 

I couldn’t get over the beautiful view and the beauty of being up so high. It put a lot into perspective for me. Being up there showed me part of the reason that I decided to come to Israel in the first place.


All in all this was great first weekend in Israel. I can’t wait to keep having adventures and to see as much as I can in the year that I’m here!

Bye for now!



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